About Me

I live in Nuremberg, Germany with my fiancé and our son. I’ve been a software developer at heart, ever since I wrote my first line of code at the age of sixteen. C# entered my life in 2010 and hasn’t left since, just as test driven development did two years later. Writing code is both my job in a medium-sized company in Fürth and one of my biggest hobbies. I am also interested in almost any other technical topic like rocketry and flight in general, engines of any form and size, everything in between, computer games and wood working.

I’m a fan of the motoring journalist Jeremy Clarkson – even though he’s said a lot of stupid things about climate change – and his colleagues James May and Richard Hammond. I think that sci-fi is awesome, and I could watch the Stargate series all day long (except Universe, which I think is utter crap). Furthermore, I care for the environment and believe that we should do a lot more about climate change.