Nuclear.Test is an automated testing platform for .NET, that no-one has ever heard of. The platform uses a very different approach than the traditional ones, which I have outlined in a blog post. It makes testing a walk in the park and improves on a range of shortcomings that today’s’ platforms have. Say goodbye to multi targetting, architecture switching and OAPT (one assert per test) and embrace continuous testing. More efficient testing, more time to geek out! Nuclear.Test comes with a range of NuGet packages and a downloadable applications layer. The source is spread across three GitHub repositories and is licensed under the MIT licence.

Repository: Nuclear.Test

Contains core implementations of the testing system and everything to do with test results handling.

Repository: Nuclear.TestSite

Contains the basic test API including attributes, test instructions and result collection.

Repository: Nuclear.Test.Apps

Contains the ready-to-use application layer including a console executor, proxies and workers.

Guide: The nuclear testing system

Read about how Nuclear.Test works behind the scenes and how the three-layer system interacts.

Guide: Writing tests

The joy of writing nuclear tests explained in code.

Guide: Extending the framework

Extend existing test suites with your own custom test instructions or add entirely new test suites for your own projects.

Guide: Visual Studio integration

Integrate Nuclear.Test into your Visual Studio for a more complete testing experience.